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Welcome to Tanu Logistics and Packers Patel Nagar! We are a renowned name and best packers and movers in Patel Nagar and transportation industry that have been offering our quality types of assistance to our clients more over than 14 years. In the event that you are somebody who is wanting to relocate to and from Patel Nagar, at that point you can go to us whenever. We assist you with moving your household and office assets with comfort and incomparable consideration. We are happy to be praised by our customers as the best packers and movers Patel Nagar.

We always make use of ultimate class packing material for packing, moving, and delivering merchandise across states, urban communities or across the nations. On the off chance that you are in look for total packing and moving solutions in Patel Nagar, at that point you’ve shown up at the right place.

Advance innovation for Top-class Moving Solutions

We are highly determined movers and packers in Patel Nagar, who are capable to present with old just as trendy customers in this similar manner. The efficiency and prompt services are the results of the robust and latest innovation, which we set up as a regular outcome in our process to give our clients approach solutions. We have made our work space and framework responsive and effective to meet practically every one of the assumptions for customers. We have GPS empowered group of vehicles that makes it trouble free for customers to follow their consignment whenever. Our Likewise, we work with our online service frameworks to avoid time consumption and unnecessary paperwork.

Shipping Cubes: Reliable Moving Concept

We have come up an advanced and distinctive idea of Trucking Cube (Container), which is conveyed to lessen the misfortune in the parcel. They are portable storage compartments, considered as your private space to store your products and transport them starting with one spot then onto the next without including another parcels. For the additional convenience, these 3D squares come in various sizes to meet the custom necessity of the clients. The various sizes of shipping 3D squares are as per the following:

•           Cube (Container) Ace

•           Cube (Container) Pick Up

•           Cube (Container) 407

•           Cube (Container) 709

•           Cube (Container) 1109 to 20″ Container

The idea is a profitable for us too as it has minimization fuel consumption by 25 % subsequently decreasing our carbon exhausts. Besides, the misfortune because of parcel has additionally been decreased, protecting the standing of our image just as assisting us with contributing in the economy to an impressive degree. All things considered, shipping 3D cubes (compartment) by our tutor has re-organized the surface logistics easily.

At the point when you move with us to or from Patel Nagar, we’ll keep your products in our specific 3D shapes, lock them, hand over keys to you, and boat it to the destination. The interaction is done in a systematic way to avoid burden during transportation.

One Point Stop for Removal and Storage Services

We are well-known local packers and movers in Patel Nagar, who work with excitement all the times. We understand that moving to another spot needs a lot of help. Regardless of whether it’s your vehicle move or household merchandise movement, we promise you to securely take them to your new residence. Moreover, we furnish you with storage facility where you can keep your beloved assets till you get the responsibility for new house. We have made ourselves as the full-fledged specialist organizations, who are proficient to offer all moving solutions at one spot. Our complete package of Moving services is referenced beneath:

Tanu Logistics and Packers – Award-winning Relocation Company

We are considered as the expert packers and movers in Patel Nagar with a prominent customer base. Our commitment to go the last mile and hand over you even the easily overlooked details on the rundown is the sole factor that helps us to acquire the trust of the clients. We truly value your feelings connected with your valuable things and understand that you get injured on the off chance that they get harmed. Thus to provide any unpredictable possibility during the movement of products, we use premium texture sheets that keeps them protected and cushioned from every one of the sides.

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