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Tanu Logistics and Packers Khanpur is the fastest growing movers and packers in Khanpur, who tenaciously work towards making relocation a breeze to this eminent place where there is a No. of packers around there and lot of competition and adapt up to each moving issue in our own master style, leaving you without any concerns by any means.

With more than 14 years of experience and a great journey of advancement from humble beginnings, we have set ourselves in charge of the business as well as in the hearts of our customers by surpassing their expectations. With a motive to satisfy such a legacy, we take up each moving interest in Khanpur.

We take pride wholeheartedly in our team of packers and movers who are handpicked and trained to say the expert. Our Khanpur team establishes laborers who are talented, educated, respectful and amenable enough to make your relocation lovely. They are prepared and roused to keep up to the name of the brand and render secure services as per the best business’ guidelines. Directly from cooperation with them to seeing them pulling off your home shiftings in Khanpur comfortably yet skillfully, they would make you experience a charming and enduring move. They are equipped with innovative and latest technology tools and materials to play out each movement according to global standards.

Our Key to Success – Research and Development

We, Tanu Logistics and Packers, Khanpur, recognize the significance of Research and Development and back our services with an explained R&D. With due persistence, we work out complexities engaged with each moving and sort out the most productive method of moving households, office, vehicle or whatever there is. What we accept is that R&D makes even a Herculean task totally manageable. Nothing – not even troublesome landscapes, significant distance, distant area, enormous size of consignment or anything that you name – can deter us from making you experience an hassle free moving. Our innovative work efforts are directly towards making our techniques, frameworks and services better and up-to-date. Shipping Cube, Special Car Carrier, Card Board Carton and LED Box, Hard Card Board Sheet, Double Door Home Carriers, Special Mandir Packing, Shifting Assistant and more are totally conceived with the assistance of our long time of experience and productive R&D.

Our Industrious Team

We take pride heavily in our team of experienced staffs, who are talented, knowledgeable, polite and respectful enough to make your relocation wonderful. They are prepared and motivated to keep up to the name of the brand and render foolproof services as per the best business norms. Directly from interaction with them to seeing them pulling off your moving easily yet comfortably, they would make you experience a charming and enduring move. They are equipped with innovative and latest tools for packing and top class quality packing materials to play out each movement according to international packing standards.

Services Offered by TLP

Regardless of where you need to move and what you need to move, you will always trust in the professional packers and movers in Khanpur to go to your profit. We are supported by a well-established nationwide network just as overall company, empowering us to move you to in a real sense in any spot you name from Khanpur. Our ability and experience is sufficient to take up any moving independent of its size and intricacy. A portion of our services incorporates:

Online Presence to Solve Your Relocation Problem

TLP’s Online Presence is a result of our R&D efforts and our obligation to accepting innovation while as yet guaranteeing to take forward a rich tradition of keeping you peaceful regardless. Fundamentally, Our quick forward versatile application designed to keep the entirety of your moving controls on your fingertips. Directly from booking your move in the style and speed you need to recruiting carpenters, electrical technicians and other helpers and getting data on close by places including ATMs and schools, we will offer you accommodation of an entirely different distinctive level.

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